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Levetec's DiaCrete Diamond Tooling

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We stock high quality flex-pads for countertops and floor edging as well as Diamond blades, crack chasers, Tuck point blades and more!

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Bolt on Trapazoid Tooling
The DiaCrete Trapazoid grinding pads are made to maximize production rates at a very price. Buying cheap tooling costs more because they wear out in a third of the time and the cheap tooling willl not give you the production rates of the DiaCrete tools.
Diacrete Combo Tool
The Combo Coatings tool works by riding on the diamond segment which limits travel of the tool into the concrete surface. This allows the two 1/4 heads to scrap away coatings or Glue, but not damage the concrete itself. The trailing segment itself will also cut through thin mil coatings that the PCD scrappers miss, helping remove coatings. This tool is very aggressive and will work on lighter machines.
only $29.00 each  

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Resin Floor Polishing Tools

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Resin Diamond tools can vary greatly in their performance and production rates on soft to hard Concrete or terrazzo and natural stone. Picking the right tool for the job is all the more important. This allows the tool to last and maximize the shine.
Diamond Grinding Wheels
Barracuda Max is well suited to Floor Machines that are over 500 Lbs, and where less scratching is desired. Designed to quickly remove adhesive glues and hard epoxy coatings, as well as flaking or bumpy concrete surfaces.

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